Imagine standing in front of a towering mountain of travel bags, feeling overwhelmed and unsure of where to begin. As a frequent traveler who has faced this very dilemma, I understand the struggle of choosing the perfect travel bag.

But fear not! After extensive research and countless hours of comparing features and styles, I have curated a list of the trending types of travel bags just for you.

Whether you’re a fashion-forward explorer, a tech-savvy nomad, or a fan of staying organized. This list will help you navigate through the sea of options and find the ideal bag to accompany you on your journeys.

So, without further ado, let’s check out the types of travel bags and find out the latest styles that will not only meet your practical needs but also make a statement as you travel the world in style.

Top 15 Best Types Of Bags For Traveling:

Here is a list of the most common types of travel bags available in UAE with their price ranges-

No.Best Travel BagsPrice Range
1.SuitcasesAED 150 – AED 1,500
2.Carry-On BagsAED 80 – AED 800
3.Duffel BagsAED 50 – AED 600
4.BackpacksAED 50 – AED 800
5.Trolley BagsAED 100 – AED 1,000
6.Garment BagsAED 80 – AED 500
7.Laptop BagsAED 60 – AED 800
8.Messenger BagsAED 50 – AED 700
9.Tote BagsAED 30 – AED 400
10.Travel Organizer BagsAED 20 – AED 300
11.Travel WalletsAED 20 – AED 200
12.Bucket BagsAED 50 – AED 500
13.Travel SatchelsAED 40 – AED 600
14.Camera BagsAED 80 – AED 800
15.Waist BagsAED 30 – AED 300

While looking for the best types of travel bags it is also necessary to consider some factors that can help you make an informed decision while choosing the best travel bags. To help you out here we mentioned the essential factors for choosing your perfect travel companion.

Choose the Best Travel Bag For Your Next Trip:

Choosing the best type of travel bag can greatly enhance your travel experience. Here are some key factors to consider when selecting the right bag for your needs-

  • Trip Duration and Destination: Assess the length of your trip and the nature of your destination. Longer trips may require larger bags, while shorter getaways might necessitate smaller, more compact options.
  • Bag Size and Capacity: Evaluate the amount of luggage you typically need to carry. Different airlines have specific size and weight restrictions for carry-on and checked baggage, so ensure your bag adheres to those guidelines.
  • Bag Durability and Material: Look for bags made from sturdy and durable materials, such as nylon, polyester, or high-quality leather. Consider factors like water resistance, abrasion resistance, and overall durability.
  • Bag Design and Organization: Consider the layout of the bag’s interior to ensure it suits your packing style. Multiple compartments, pockets, and dividers can help you stay organized and easily access your belongings.
  • Mobility and Ease of Transportation: Depending on your travel preferences and physical capabilities. Determine whether you prefer a suitcase with wheels and a retractable handle or a duffel bag with shoulder straps.
  • Bag Weight: Keep in mind that the weight of your bag contributes to your overall luggage allowance. Lighter bags allow you to pack more while staying within weight restrictions. Opt for lightweight yet durable materials.
  • Security Features: Consider the security features of the bag, such as lockable zippers or built-in TSA-approved locks, to safeguard your belongings during transit.
  • Personal Style and Preferences: Choose a bag that reflects your personal style and complements your travel aesthetics. Look for colors, patterns, and designs that resonate with you, as this will make your travel experience more enjoyable.
  • Budget Considerations: Determine your budget and explore options that align with it. There are options available across various price ranges.
  • User Reviews and Recommendations: Before making a final decision, read reviews from other travelers who have used the bag you’re considering. Their experiences and insights can provide valuable guidance for you.

Now that you know about the essential factors you need to consider before choosing a travel bag, let’s start with the list of types of travel bags in UAE.

32 Trending Bags For Every Type Of Travel:

We all know that there are many different kinds of travel bags on the market in the UAE, and it’s important and hard to choose the best one that meets all of your needs. Here is a list of the best types of travel bags and what they are used for to help you choose. So check out the list and find the best travel companion for your next trip.

1. Suitcases For Travel


The suitcase bag is the perfect travel companion for both global travelers and adventurers. This stylish and useful bag is an important part of the jet-setting lifestyle because it makes it easy and organized to carry your things.

What makes suitcases better for your travel experience is their reliable handling and security features like dividers, zippered pockets, and locks.

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Suitable For: Longer trips, Family vacations, Business travel

  • Mainly used for longer trips or vacations
  • Offers ample storage space for clothing, accessories, and personal items
  • Often equipped with wheels and a retractable handle for easy transportation
  • Provides better organization with multiple compartments and pockets

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i. Rolling Suitcase


Imagine effortlessly gliding through airport terminals or walking through busy streets without breaking a sweat.
The Rolling Suitcase is the epitome of convenience and practicality, making it an ideal choice for frequent travelers.


  • Effortless mobility
  • Easy to carry
  • Evenly distribute weight

ii. Expandable Suitcase


The Expandable Suitcase is the ultimate solution for those who need flexibility and the ability to adapt to varying packing needs.
This suitcase offers a unique feature that allows you to adjust its capacity based on your requirements.


  • Organizational efficiency
  • Flexible of capacity
  • Useful for souvenirs

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2. Carry-On Bags: Compact and Chic


When it comes to convenience and efficiency during air travel, carry-on bags are a game-changer. Carry-On Bags or Cabin Bags are compact gems that are designed to meet airline size regulations.

These bags make it easy for you to bypass baggage claims and keep your essentials within arm’s reach. In the UAE, you’ll find carry-on bags that embody both elegance and practicality.

With sleek designs, sturdy handles, and multiple compartments, these bags blend seamlessly with your lifestyle. From the variety of sizes and colors available, you can choose the perfect bag that suits your style.

Carry-On Bags are perfect for short trips or as a supplementary bag to your checked luggage

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  • Designed to meet the size restrictions for carry-on luggage on airplanes
  • Allows travelers to keep their essential belongings with them during the flight
  • Avoids the need for checked baggage and saves time at airports

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3. Duffel Bags


Step into the world of versatile travel companions with the best duffle bags, a perfect example of rugged elegance. Crafted with durability and style in mind, these bags are a go-to choice for explorers who prefer a touch of elegance.

Duffle bags are great for a variety of outings, like a weekend trip, a hike, or an unplanned road trip. Their roomy interiors give you plenty of space to pack your essentials while being secure and compact.

If you appreciate the blend of fashion and practicality then duffel bags are designed only for you.

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  • You can use Duffle Bags as Weekender Bags or Overnight Bags
  • A versatile bag suitable for various travel purposes
  • Ideal for short trips, sports activities, or as an overnight bag
  • Offers a spacious interior to accommodate clothing and personal items

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i. Backpack Duffle Bags


The Backpack Duffel bag is a great choice when you want the freedom to explore hands-free.
This hybrid style goes from a duffel bag to a backpack with ease, giving you the best of both styles.
You can use these backpack duffle bags as gym bags or travel bags.


  • Comes with adjustable shoulder straps
  • Have convenient handles

ii. Rolling Duffle Bags


Imagine strolling through airports or streets easily with your belongings rolling alongside you.
Rolling duffle bags are designed to merge the timeless charm of a duffle bag with the convenience of wheels, making travel a seamless experience.


  • Perfect for longer journeys
  • Help you effortlessly navigate busy streets

4. Backpacks


The Backpack is a timeless travel companion, combining functionality, style, and comfort. It is a versatile choice for you if you are looking for hands-free convenience and ample storage space.

Backpacks are suitable for a wide range of travel experiences, including backpacking trips, one-day tours, city sightseeing, and even business travel. In short, backpacks provide a functional and stylish solution to carry your belongings with ease.

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  • Provide comfort during long walks or hikes
  • Evenly distributes weight across your shoulders and back, helping minimize strain
  • Their design allows you easy navigation in crowded areas
  • Has enough compartments to organize your essentials

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i. Daypack


For short outings and day trips, the Daypack is a compact and lightweight option for you.
You can also use these bags as secondary bags to accompany larger luggage.


  • Designed to be Compact and Portable
  • Provide Comfort and Convenience while traveling

ii. Wheeled Backpack


The Wheeled Backpack offers the features of a rolling suitcase and a backpack at once.
With these bags, you can easily carry your luggage in different ways.


  • Help you switch your carrying mode according to your traveling place
  • Provides ample storage to carry your belongings

iii. Hiking Backpack


Hiking backpacks are the perfect companion for nature lovers and hikers.
The backpacks offer durability, functionality, and optimal weight distribution for longer treck.


  • Supportive design
  • Weather-resistant

iv. Diaper Bags


Diaper bags are a convenient and stylish way for parents to travel with their little ones.
These bags have dedicated compartments for baby essentials to keep them organized.


  • Convenience on the go
  • Fashionable and versatile

5. Trolley Bags


Sleek and sophisticated, Trolley Bags are designed to accompany you on your travels with utmost ease. These bags feature a combination of soft and hard elements, merging durability and flexibility for optimal convenience.

Trolley Bags are perfect for a wide range of travel experiences. From business trips to weekend getaways, these bags offer a balance of functionality and style.

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  • Trolley Bags come in various sizes, providing ample storage space for different travel durations and purposes
  • The blend of sturdy materials used in Trolley Bags ensures protection for your belongings. And safeguard them from bumps and impacts during traveling.

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i. Hard Side Trolley Bags


For travelers who prioritize durability and protection, Hard Side Trolley Bags offer an ideal solution for traveling.
These bags feature a tough, rigid exterior design to shield your belongings from external forces.


  • Enhanced protection
  • Scratch and stain resistance

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ii. Soft Side Trolley Bags


Combining flexibility and style, Soft Side Trolley Bags are known for their lightweight construction and expandability.
These bags offer adaptability to accommodate varying packing needs.


  • Lightweight
  • Expandable and easy storage

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6. Garment Bags


For the fashion-forward traveler who values wrinkle-free clothing, a Garment Bag is an essential companion. Designed to protect and transport your delicate garments, this bag ensures you arrive at your destination looking impeccable.

Garment Bags are ideal for business trips, formal events, or any occasion where you want to arrive with crisp and pristine attire.

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  • Garment bags have special compartments that make it easy to hang or fold clothes neatly
  • Multiple pockets and compartments make it easy to keep your accessories, shoes, and toiletries in order

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7. Laptop Bags


For the tech-savvy travelers who can’t bear to part with their gadgets, Laptop Bags are the perfect blend of usefulness and fashion-forward design.

Laptop Bags seamlessly transition from professional settings to casual outings. This makes laptop bags suitable for business trips, remote work, or leisure travel where staying connected is a priority.

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  • Padded compartments safeguard your laptop or tablet from bumps and scratches
  • With various compartments, you can easily store accessories like chargers, cables, and even documents

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i. Rolling Laptop Bag


A Rolling Laptop Bag is both useful and easy to use for modern professionals on the go.
These bags are designed to protect your valuable electronics and make sure that your trip goes smoothly and safely.


  • Portable and easy to transport
  • Prevents damage during travel

ii. Backpack Laptop Bags


A Backpack Laptop Bag is a great choice for the flexible traveler who wants a bag that is both stylish and useful.
This bag gives you ease of travel while keeping your electronic items safe.


  • Enables hands-free mobility
  • Suitable for one-day trips

8. Messenger Bags


For the chic and urban traveler who values style without compromising functionality, the best Messenger Bags are the epitome of fashion and practicality.

Messenger Bags are perfect for city adventures, casual outings, or professional meetings where you need to carry your essentials in style.

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  • You can store all your essentials in a handy way and carry them safely
  • Messenger bags offer practicality and can easily go with any outfit

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9. Tote Bag


For the fashion-conscious traveler who desires a blend of style and utility, a Tote Bag is a must-have accessory. With its spacious design and fashionable aesthetics, it caters to both practical needs and a sense of personal flair.

Tote bags are a trendy types of bag for women and men. These bags are perfect for casual travel, leisure activities, or any journey where you need to carry your essentials while being fashion-forward.

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  • Tote bags are known for their generous size and roomy interior, offering ample space to carry all your travel essentials
  • These bags are lightweight and portable making them ideal for every type of outing

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10. Travel Organizer Bag


For those who crave order and efficiency, travel organizer bags are an absolute game-changer. Travel organizer bags are perfect for any type of travel, from leisurely vacations to business trips or even backpacking adventures.

Travel organizer bags bring order to your suitcase, backpack, or carry-on, ensuring you stay organized throughout your journey. These bags come in various sizes and styles, featuring compartments, pockets, and elastic straps to keep your belongings in place.

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  • Travel organizer bags enable you to categorize and separate items such as electronics, clothes, accessories, and more
  • With designated compartments, it’s easy for you to find what you need within minutes

i. Cosmetic Bag


Enhance your beauty routine while you’re on the go with travel cosmetic bags.  
These bags can keep your makeup and skincare essentials organized and safe.


  • Efficient storage
  • Provide spill-prevention

ii. Toiletry Bag


A travel toiletry bag is a must-have for keeping up with personal hygiene and grooming.
It keeps your toiletries organized and easy to find while you’re on the go.


  • Compact organization
  • Leak-proof design

iii. Dopp Bag


Dopp bags help you keep your grooming essentials in order.
These bags are made of leather or other
durable materials.


  • Provide spacious storage
  • Crafted with high-quality materials

iv. Laundry Bags


Travel laundry bags are a convenient and
a neat way to store dirty clothes away from
clean clothes.
These bags are lightweight and foldable.


  • Keep odor control
  • Allows hygienic separation

11. Travel Wallets and Passport Holders


While traveling keeping your travel documents and essentials organized and easily accessible is crucial. Travel Wallets and Passport Holders offer convenience and peace of mind.

With their slim and compact design, you can carry them with you all the time as an accessory. Their convenience makes them ideal for both long journeys and short trips.

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  • You can keep your passport, boarding passes, credit cards, and ID safe with you
  • Many travel wallets are equipped with RFID-blocking technology, that can shield your personal information from potential theft

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12. Bucket Bags


For fashion-forward travelers seeking a trendy and versatile option, Bucket Bags effortlessly combine style and functionality.

Bucket Bags are well-suited for day trips, shopping expeditions, or exploring bustling cityscapes, where you need a balance of practicality and style.

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  • With the help of bucket bags, you can carry your essentials in one handy and stylish bag
  • With the variety of colors and designs, you can find a bag that will help you look stylish in your own way

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13. Travel Satchel Bags


Combining vintage charm with modern practicality, Travel Satchels are the perfect companions for travelers who appreciate timeless elegance.

Travel Satchels are ideal for weekend getaways, cultural trips, or exploring historical sites, where you want to channel a refined and adventurous spirit.

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  • Travel satchels are stylish and give your trips a sense of nostalgia
  • These bags have a lot of pockets so you can easily carry things like clothes, toiletries, and travel accessories in them

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14. Camera Bags

Imagine going on a beautiful hike or exploring the lively streets of the UAE while your camera gear is safe and secure in your camera bag.

There are two types of camera bags available in the market which are-


i. Sling Camera Bags


Sling camera bags are excellent for urban
and street photography for capturing
candid moments or street scenes.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Offers adjustable compartments

ii. Backpack Camera Bags


Backpack camera bags are perfect
companions for outdoor adventures, like
hiking, trekking, and nature photography.


  • Provide equipment protection
  • Large storage capacity

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15. Waist Bags


Waist Bags also known as Fanny Packs or Belt Bags are the trendiest accessory you can have for your journey. These bags provide easy access to your essentials while being fashionable.

Waist Bags are a simple and safe way to carry your essentials while hiking, sightseeing, or doing other outdoor activities.

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  • Fanny packs are suitable to store small items like your phone, wallet, keys, etc.
  • These bags will give you hands-free convenience while traveling

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These are some of the best types of travel bags available in the market that can help you travel comfortably and efficiently. Whether you are out for a day trip, trekking, or exploring a new city sight these bags are going to help you stay organized with your essentials.

Bottom Line:

As travel becomes an integral part of our lifestyle, it’s important to have the right travel bag for convenience and style. In the UAE, where outdoor activities are valued, the popular types of travel bags meet the needs of travelers from every aspect of life.

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When looking for types of travel bags, you may run into some questions that need to be solved. Here is a list of the most common questions you might face while choosing a travel bag that can bring you comfort and suit your style.

These questions can help you find the answers you’re looking for without doing any more searching. Let’s check them out.


1. What are the different types of travel bags available in the UAE?

The UAE offers a diverse range of travel bags, including suitcases, duffel bags, backpacks, tote bags, and laptop bags, catering to various travel needs and preferences.

2. Which type of travel bag is best for air travel in the UAE?

For air travel in the UAE, compact and lightweight cabin bags or rolling suitcases that comply with airline size restrictions are ideal to ensure a smooth and hassle-free journey.

3. What is a travel bag called?

A travel bag is commonly referred to as luggage or a suitcase.

4. What are the 2 two types of baggage?

There are two main kinds of luggage: carry-on luggage, which is small enough to fit on the plane and checked luggage, which is put in the plane’s cargo hold.

5. Is soft or hard luggage better?

The choice between soft and hard luggage depends on personal preference. Soft luggage is more flexible and easier to store, while hard luggage is better for protecting fragile items.

6. What kind of luggage is best?

The best kind of luggage depends on things like how long and what kind of trip it is, how you like to pack, and your specific travel needs. Options include suitcases, duffel bags, backpacks, and tote bags.

7. What are large travel bags called?

Large travel bags are commonly referred to as oversized luggage or extra-large suitcases.

8. What are the categories of travel bags?

There are different kinds of travel bags, such as suitcases, duffel bags, backpacks, tote bags, laptop bags, garment bags, and sports bags.

9. Which bag is best for flight travel?

The best bag for flying depends on individual preferences, but usually, a lightweight, small carry-on suitcase or duffel bag that fits within the size limits of the airline is best.

10. What size bag is best for international travel?

Most of the time, a medium-sized suitcase or duffel bag is the best size for international travel. This is because it can be used as both a carry-on and checked bag, which is convenient.