If you are looking for the best Ramadan Kareem greetings, you have come to the right place. There is no doubt that Ramadan greetings are necessary. In this article, we enlist some of the most popular Ramadan Kareem greetings in UAE.

Whether you are looking for traditional or modern greetings for family members, friends, or kids we have got it all! From beautiful messages of peace and joy to special blessings, these Ramadan Kareem greetings will make your beloved ones feel special.

Celebrating Ramadan With Greetings:

Celebrating Ramadan is a time for Muslims to come together and reflect on their faith, but it’s also an opportunity to share the joy of the holy month with loved ones.

Ramadan greetings and Ramadan Gifts are a way to show respect, appreciation, and love for one another. They are also a way to express hope for a blessed and successful year. Ramadan greetings are a way to connect with loved ones, while also bringing joy and positivity to our lives.

Ramadan Kareem wishes are a reminder of the importance of being kind and generous, and of the spiritual significance of the month. By exchanging Ramadan greetings, we are able to strengthen the bonds of friendship and love between us and celebrate the beauty of Ramadan together.

The holy month of Ramadan has started and this is the time to spread love and feel closer to Allah. This Ramadan send good wishes to your friends, relatives, colleagues, and also to those family members who are away from home. Let this sacred month bring more peace & prosperity to lives.

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Ramadan Mubarak Wishes

Ramadan is a time of reflection, charity, and spirituality. It is a time to share the love and goodwill of others and give back to the community. It is a time to practice and promote the idea of peace. This Ramadan, greet everybody with the best Ramadan Mubarak Wishes.

Ramadan Mubarak Wishes

  • I wish you and your family, Ramadan Mubarak. May Allah gives us the strength to fulfill the needs of this month.
  • I wish that the holy spirit of Ramadan enlightens our souls and guides us to our deen. Ramadan Mubarak.
  • May we all be able to do good deeds this Ramadan. I wish you a blissful Ramzanul Mubarak.
  • Ramadan Kareem! May Allah give you all prosperity and success. May Allah bless you with wealth and happiness and gives you a healthy life.
  • Happy Ramadan. Wishing you a blessed Ramadan that will inspire you with courage and strength to help you win every challenge of life!
  • May Allah ease your hardships and shower you with loads of peace and prosperity during this holy month of Ramadan. Have a blessed time!
  • I wish that the spirit of Ramadan enlighten your heart and help you clearly judge between truths and false or right and wrong. Ramadan Mubarak.
  • Whenever you feel alone and sad, remember that God is with you. He will never leave you alone and always guide you. Ramadan Mubarak!
  • As we celebrate the holy month of Ramadan, I wish that happiness and joy find you and fill your house. Ramadan Mubarak!

Ramadan Wishes In English

The best way to wish someone a Happy Ramadan is to send them a message in Arabic. But even if you speak Arabic or not, wishing someone a Happy Ramadan is a good idea. You can use these Ramadan Wishes in English to greet your Muslim friends and neighbors during the holy month.

Ramadan Wishes In English

  • Have a peaceful and happy Ramadan.
  • Wishing you all the blessings of the holy month.
  • May this Ramadan be as bright as ever.
  • May the crescent-shaped moon brighten your path toward enlightenment and may Allah bless you with peace and grace.
  • May the Spirit of Ramadan stay in our hearts and illuminate our souls from within.
  • Ramadan Kareem, love. I hope this Ramadan enlightens your soul and brings your heart much closer to Allah.
  • May this Ramadan fill your heart with peace, harmony, and joy. I wish you to be protected and blessed by Almighty Allah. Ramadan Mubarak.

Ramadan Wishes In Arabic

Sending your Muslim friends good wishes during Ramadan is a beautiful way to show your appreciation for their faith and culture. So this Ramadan, surprise your Muslim friend by sending them good wishes in Arabic.

Ramadan Wishes In Arabic

  • إنه وقت تفكير. إنها لحظة تنقية. يرى الله كل شيء. ومكافآت كبيرة. رمضان مبارك!
    Meaning: It’s a time for reflection. It is a moment of purification. God sees everything. And great rewards. Ramadan Mubarak!
  • نرجو أن يحضر هذا رمضان لحظات لا نهاية لها من الفرح والسعادة في حياتك. رمضان مبارك.
    Meaning: May this Ramadan bring endless moments of joy and happiness in your life. Ramadan Mubarak.
  • ربما الهلال كن ضوءك الهادي وقوتها ، املأ حياتك ، السلام والنعمة. رمضان مبارك.
    Meaning: May the crescent moon be your guiding light and strength, fill your life with peace and grace. Ramadan Mubarak.
  •  بينما تصوم وتقدِّم الصلاة إلى الله ، قد تجد سلامتك وسعادتك. استمتعوا برمضان سلمي وسعيد!
    Meaning: As you fast and offer prayer to God, may you find your peace and happiness. Enjoy a peaceful and happy Ramadan!
  • نرجو أن يكون شهر رمضان هذا الشهر وفرة ، شهر من الرحمة ، ومساعدة لك ولعائلتك.
    Meaning: May this Ramadan be a month of abundance, a month of mercy, and help for you and your family.

Ramadan Wishes For Family

Ramadan is a month of fasting and spending quality time with your loved ones while sharing meals and love. These Ramadan Wishes for Family can help you greet your family members during the holy month of Ramadan.

ramadan wishes for family

  • Ramadan Mubarak to you and your family. May the door of blessings remain open for all of us this year!
  • Ramadan Mubarak dear brother! May Allah answer all your prayers and keep you safe from every harm.
  • May this divine month of Ramadan erase your sinful past and bless the heart with love, kindness, and mercy. Happy Ramadan.
  • Ramadan Mubarak dear sister! I hope Allah makes your lives more peaceful and your faiths stronger.
  • I wish you and your family be protected and blessed by Allah Almighty. He is the only savior. Ramadan Kareem Mubarak!
  • Worship Allah this Ramadan because He never rejects the prayers of a fasting person, a father, or a pilgrim. Happy Ramadan my wife.
  • I’d travel from afar for a taste of your iftar. Happy Ramadan to my favorite cook!

Ramadan Wishes For Friends

It is a time for family and friends to come together to give thanks for a great month. It is a time for self-reflection, spiritual growth, peace and goodwill. So, send your friends Ramadan greetings and celebrate togetherness.

ramadan greetings for friends

  • May the holy month of Ramadan bring love, peace, and happiness to your life! Ramadan Mubarak!
  • Ramadan Mubarak my friend! May your prayers get accepted and your wishes become fulfilled!
  • Ramadan is the month of blessings, forgiveness, mercy, and freedom from hellfire. On this holy month, make lots of dua and increase doing good deeds. Happy Ramadan to you, my dearest friend.
  • Greetings of peace, a delicious feast, and may His blessings never cease.
  • May God accept from us, and from you. Eid Mubarak!
  • I pray the celebration of this Ramadan be peaceful and solemn for your family.
  • Whatever your heart can dream, you will surely have it in Ramadan Kareem. Have a blessed month!

Ramadan Wishes For Kids

Ramadan is a month of love and unity, where Muslims around the world are thankful for their blessings. During this time, parents and kids make their wishes for Ramadan known to one another.

ramadan wishes for kids

  • Here comes the Ramadan Drummer and Ramadan too. I hope this month is filled with lots of fun for you!
  • Prayer rugs and Eid hugs, happy holidays to my cuddle bugs!
  • To the coolest kid I know: May this Ramadan help you grow!
  • Make a dua list and check it twice. Don’t forget to ask for Paradise!
  • My shining star, my crescent moon, my Eid balloon. We miss you so much, we hope to see you soon!

Happy Fasting Wishes

During the month of Ramadan, Muslims avoid consuming food and drinking from sunrise until sunset. This is known as fasting. Fasting is an important aspect of Islam and is a tradition for all Muslims.

During Ramadan, fasting is essential because it enables Muslims to devote themselves to their faith and get closer to Allah or God. Fasting is one of the Five Pillars of Islam.

You can wish your loved ones Ramadan fasting this Ramadan using Happy Fasting Wishes.

Happy Fasting Wishes

  • I’m guessing that four weeks of fasting and prayers were hard enough and you’re not going to let the fifth and final week be any easier on you?
  • Ramadan is a time for reflection, charity, and intense spiritual discipline. Ramadan Mubarak!
  • I wish that you experience only good things this month and that you are showered with gifts from Allah, Happy Ramadan!
  • It’s pretty important to fill yourself up with Ramadan memories before the month is over. Ramadan Mubarak!
  • It’s the last day of Ramadan, but don’t forget to make time for God while you’re out there celebrating with friends and family.
  • Ramadan is a wonderful month of giving and receiving. Wish you a happy Ramadan!

Ramadan Kareem Quotes

Ramadan Kareem Quotes

A hollow man cannot enter paradise.

Prophet Muhammad

The purpose of fasting is not to empty the stomach; it’s to empty the soul.

Nelson Mandela

The really happy people are those who are aiming for heaven and will get there.

C.S. Lewis

Patience is the whole of the Torah.


The destined hour of my meeting is near- at the most seven years.

Prophet Muhammad

You’re not just strong on the outside. You’re strong on the inside too.

John Mayer

Patience is a vessel of our soul, which must not be emptied.

Denis Waitley

We cannot for a moment think that tolerance implies acceptance of the evils that go with the opposite position.

Martin Luther

The prayer of the hungry person is the most pleasing of all.

Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi

Best Ramadan Kareem Greetings For Family And Friends

This Ramadan send greetings to your friends and family. You can also share these Ramadan Kareem greetings with your long-distance friends or family members or you can easily share these greetings on your social media accounts.

Best Ramadan Kareem Greetings For Family

Best Ramadan Kareem Greetings

happy ramazan

Best Ramadan Kareem Greetings For Friends

Best Ramadan Kareem Greetings For wife

Best Ramadan Kareem Greetings For husband

best ramadan kareem greetings

These are a collection of the best Ramadan wishes that can help you send your good wishes to your family and friends. With your greetings, you can also send Ramadan gifts to your loved ones to show your love and respect toward them.

Muslims around the globe enjoy the holy month of Ramadan and its end, Eid-ul-Fitr. It also gives believers lessons and fills everyone’s heart with love and power. Everyone should spend the holy month with a clean and pure spirit, free of any hatred. To spread the blessing, you can send Ramadan Greetings and Ramadan Gifts to your parents, spouse, friends, close relatives, and neighbors.

We hope you celebrate this holy month with your family and friends with joy.

Ramadan Mubarak!